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ISLAND MAIDS is one of the preferred household names in Singapore's Myanmar domestic helper scene. We are also one of the Leading Maid Agency for placing Indonesian, Philippines, and Mizoram Maids. This is attributed to our unrelenting attitude towards helping our customers and unceasing aim for excellence. 

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Over the years, Island Maids has received unbiased recognition from our clients and the business community. The support has led us to receiving awards such as the Quality Service Award 2020 and the Top 25 Prestige Award which recognises companies with good service and business practices

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The Singapore Maid Agency must be committed towards maintaining a high standard fair trading and transparent business process. All our processes including pricing guides, contracts and before and after sales conducts are scrutinised and improved over the years through feedbacks from our valued clients, employees, and business partners.

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What Are The Benefits Of Maids Training?


Education & training are key in helping the Foreign Domestic Helpers succeed in their new employment. We have identified key areas of improvement such as the mindset of the helper, relevant work skills, and tackling cultural and expectation differences. We structure our training programs based on local requirements which in turn leads to a greater chance of employment success.

Island Maids Training School's very own Maid Training & Integration Program (TIP) is a free course developed by Island Maids Training School that all helpers will attend when they arrive in Singapore.


The course is conducted by our Full Time Trainers on a daily basis

  • The expectations of working in Singapore

  • How to improve relationship with employers

  • How to handle certain situations at work

  • Stress & Emotion management 

  • Purpose of working in Singapore

The Domestic Helpers will also engage in practical lessons 

  • Basics of cooking

  • Time management

  • How to avoid common mistakes

  • Managing household equipment

  • Familiarisation with household cleaning

  • Understanding standards & work safety


Why You Should hire a Myanmar Maid?

Why you should hire a Myanmar Maid?
Hiring a maid is never an easy choice. But it is one that is certainly necessary to improve your lifestyle and alleviate worries associated with your household caregiving needs and demands. The first step to deciding on your maid hire, is to ask yourself if you have a preferred nationality before coming to a careful conclusion. When it comes to the preferred nationality of maid hire, Myanmar maids are indeed an increasingly popular choice that come to mind to employers due to many reasons and benefits. 


1) Basic Salary

Costs is a huge factor to most, if not all, employers in the hiring equation. In the current markets in Singapore, the basic salary of a Myanmar maid is currently around $450 to $470, and this is minimally $100 less than the basic salary of Indonesian and Filipino maids in Singapore. As it would be lighter on your household monthly budget to pay for her salary, many employers prefer to hire a Myanmar maid. Due to your Myanmar maid’s basic salary being around twenty percent compared to Indonesian and Filipino helpers, many employers resonate that Myanmar maids are a preferred option to hire.


2) Good Temperament and Teachable Nature

At the onset, Myanmar helpers (who are first time in Singapore), may seem like they need more guidance due to their language (basic english), but it is still quite a common consensus amongst employers that most Myanmar maids are quite teachable and good-natured.  Due to their good attitude and mannerisms, and coupled with the right guidance by employers, they catch on fast to the communication and adjust faster to their new work environments. Employers usually prefer maids who are less vocal, and more willing to learn, thus it is clear why you should hire a Myanmar maid. For Myanmar maids, who have prior Singapore experience, they settle into the household even faster as they have had prior work experience in Singapore. Even though they are experienced, they are generally willing to settle for less salary than their experienced Indonesian and Filipino counterparts. This is why employers choose to hire a Myanmar maid.


3) Faster Processing of Application
For Myanmar maids, their overseas processing time is usually much faster than Indonesian or Myanmar maids. This is because they do not require an embassy contract to be processed before arriving in Singapore (as compared to Filipino and Indonesian maids).  Thus, for employers who are looking to have their maids start work with them more urgently due to their household caregiving needs, many opt for the quicker option of hiring a Myanmar maid. The fact that an employment contract does not need to be processed for a Myanmar maid also means that there are less costs involved in hiring a Myanmar maid. This is also why employers choose to hire a Myanmar maid. 


4) Less Demanding and More Dilligent
Due to their nature, many employers personally found from experience that Myanmar maids tend to be less vocal and less demanding. When they talk, they are quite open to listen and quite obedient. Their hardworking nature means that even when faced with many chores, they are less likely to complain or talk back. Of course, it is important too for the employer to play their part in managing the initial language communication, help her settle into your household, supervise and encourage her where she does well, and manage the overall employment relationship.  


5) Wide Range of Religion
For some employers, when deciding on their maid hire, religion plays an important factor as they believe that someone who works in their household should share the same beliefs. Unlike Indonesian maids who are mainly Muslim and Filipino maids who are mainly Catholic, Myanmar maids come from a background of faiths ranging from Buddhism, Free-thinker to Christianity. For employers who feel that religion plays an important part in their maid hire, myanmar maids provide a good alternative in this aspect. 


6) Relieve Stress Associated with Household Work
As with all maid hires, one of the main reasons why Myanmar maids have played a crucial role in Singapore’s landscape is their diligence and assisting Singaporean employers with the smooth running of household chores. Take for example, taking care of elderly, accompanying them for their medical appointments, picking the children up from school, keeping the household neat and tidy, preparing meals for your household and developing important bonds with your children and elderly at home.  Imagine all this household work completed while you are at work! Imagine the stress relieved and necessary peace of mind this buys you so that you can portion out your day to settle other crucial issues you might be facing at home or work. 


Apart from the above reasons, there have been positive feedback from employers who have hired a Myanmar maid in Singapore. It goes without saying that engaging the right Maid Agency In Singapore is vital in beginning your Myanmar maid search so that they can better match your needs to the right Myanmar Domestic Helper

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